Coconut Massage Candle

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Our exclusive Coconut Massage Candle is 100% natural made of shea butter and coconut oil. It melts into a warm mixture of oils for a perfect body massage. The product has strong firming properties that fights stubborn cellulite and prevents stretch marks. It’s also ideal for those with skin problems such as acne because it regenerates and restores damaged cells. Finally it is the number one product in fighting against aging, since it provides a deep and long-lasting hydration while
protecting against free radicals! Regular care with such a special product guarantees to keep your skin to look youthful and guarantees amazing smoothness with a beautiful smell on the surface of the skin.

● Strong firming properties

● Prevents loss of skin elasticity
● Great slimming treatment
● Regenerates and restores damaged skin
● Prevents wrinkles
● Keeps skin looking young
● Brightens skin
● Stimulates production of collagen
● Prevents evaporation of water from skin’s surface

● Patch testing recommended
● Dermatologically tested
● Recommended for pregnant women
● Ideal for dry skin and acne scarred skin

How to Use:
Light the candle for about 10-20 minutes before application. After blowing off the flame, you can begin treatment. There is no risk of burning because the max temperature the candle reaches is 23C. For great results, apply 2-3 times per week.

Ingredients: butyrospermum parkii, coco nucifera, huile essentielle
Capacity: 125ml

1 review for Coconut Massage Candle

  1. ewalukasiak1

    love to use 🙂 and smell is amazing! love coconut

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