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The Cranberry Oil is an energy boost for your skin. It comes from a plant where oil is extracted and it features exceptionally high antioxidant properties. Organically made, it protects the skin against day to day hazards, such as pollution and smog. The Cranberry oil will help to eliminate the effects of prolonged exposure to air-conditioning, to strengthen blood vessels, to reduce the appearance of tired skin, and restore an even color. Plus, it eliminates free radicals due to its high content of natural tocopherols (known as “super vitamin E”). This oil also contains minerals that are beneficial to the skin and hair. Add it to your daily care routine!

● Soft skin
● Light and is easily absorbed by the skin
● Reducing water loss
● Improves natural skin barrier
● Eliminates free radicals

● Patch testing recommended
● Dermatologically tested
● Suitable for all skin types especially for very dry skin affected by air conditioning.

How to use:
Apply Cranberry oil as a serum on cleaned skin at night time without or over one of our night creams.


Ingredient: 100% Pure cold pressed unrefined oil without additives

Minerals included: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, magnesium and
Capacity: 30ml

1 review for Cranberry Oil

  1. diegomateo158

    I bought this oil 6 weeks ago for my girlfriend and now I use it my self and I’m very glad I will not exchange it for anything else, they also have cool soaps.

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