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Old fashion way to shave? Not at all!

Your men will love it !

Skin will be left soft and without cuts!

  • Shaving soap

Is formulated on the basis of palm oil (with softening and disinfecting properties) and plant glycerine, Glycerine moisturizes and enables the blade to glide on your skin, has been enriched with organic argan oil, which gives the soap nourishing, strengthening and anti-ageing properties.

  • Bristle Shaving Brush – Amber

Brush with the highest quality bristlesThe traditional ritual of applying shaving cream via a brush with hard bristles allows for an intensive facial massage and is the most effective way to prepare the skin for shaving.Goal – a smooth shave and thoroughly softened stubble – reached! The forgotten shaving brush is back in its full splendour for the modern man’s bathroom!

  • Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash 

An exceptional face wash gel with exfoliating particles that delicately remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin.The addition of silicon effectively, but non-aggressively cleanses and unblocks skin pores.Jojoba seed and rosemary oil regulate the sebaceous gland function, de-grease skin and prevent the reproduction of bacteria, while sloe soothes irritations.

The gel has been enriched with coffee grain extract, thus, it demonstrates strong detoxifying and oxygenating properties.



    • Remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin.
    • Unblocks skin pores


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