Luxury Home SPA Set


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The Luxury Home SPA Set let’s you create the ultimate relaxing experience. Who doesn’t love a long hot soak to relax and de-stress? Our selt includes bath salts, a sugar body scrub, shea butter, a face mask, and a large candle. All of our products are made from natural ingredients which contain vitamins and minerals. They’re free of harsh chemicals ideal for any skin types!


✓ Detoxify & relax with organic Therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Salts

✓ Enjoy silky smooth skin from a gorgeous Sugar Body Scrub

✓ Moisturise and tone with luxurious pure Shea Butter

✓ Bask in the scent of a gorgeous Candle for an aromatherapy experience ✓ Firm & Lift with a L’orient Face Mask


Our Luxury Home Spa Set contains:

✓ L’orient Bath Salts

✓ L’orient Sugar Body Scrub

✓ L’orient Shea Butter

✓ L’orient Face Mask

✓ Large Candle


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