Argan Oil Serum with Rose


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Our Rose Serum with Argan Oil has rose extract is an intensive treatment for complexion problems, atopy symptoms, and mature skin. It helps improve elasticity and improves water retainment. The serum contains a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids necessary for the skin. Each of them acts as an element of natural intercellular bonding, improves skin density and elasticity. The serum contains vitamin E which protects elastic fibers in the skin and is one of the strongest natural antioxidants. Plus, rose oil due to its high content of vitamin A softens the epidermis, improves skin color, eliminates discolorations and stimulates collagen production. Finally, the serum is safe for the delicate skin around the eyes, removes expression lines, lightens under-eye shadows and relieves swelling.


  • Moisturizes, nourishes, and delays the signs of aging
  • Improves skin color
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Gives your skin a healthy glow
  • Soothes irritated and swollen skin
  • Accelerates the skin’s regeneration


  • Patch testing recommended
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for dry, mature, and dull skin and for allergy sufferers

How to use: 

Apply serum on cleaned skin at night time without or over one of our night creams.


Ingredients: prunus armeniaca kernel oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, parfum, rosa damascena flower oil, cinnamyl alcohol, eugenol, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, linalool, citronellol.

Capacity: 30ml


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