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Teenage skin is very difficult to take care of which is why we’ve created a special set for your teenage child. The set includes the Savon Noir Lime, Lavender Flower Water Toner, Algae Mask, and Moisturizing Day Cream. Your teens will have a complete skincare regime with our products!

Savon noir Lime

This is an extremely effective enzyme peeling and soap in one. It dissolves dead skin cells, removes toxins from deep layers of the skin, oxygenates and smoothes it. Savon noir is made of crushed black olives and water, it is natural and safe, also ideal for vascular and sensitive skin.


  • Brightens, gives shine, evens skin tone
  • Narrows the pores, cleanses the skin of impurities and toxins
  • Effectively removes dead skin – without irritation

Toner – lavender flower water

This flower water is recommended for all types of skin; however, in view of its toning and soothing properties, it is particularly recommended for the care of mixed complexions, oily, sensitive and red, irritated skin.It is an ideal to prepare the skin for further treatment stages.


  • Lavender flower water Brings optimal pH of the skin
  • Moisture and help transport the ingredients of the other cosmetics to the deeper layer of the skin

Algae mask with tea tree oil, sea mud, menthol, and willow leaf extract

The mask is recommended for oily and acne skin. A cocktail of four -cleansing, bactericidal, anti-seborrhoeic, and sebum secretion ingredients. Tea tree essential oil, sea mud, menthol, and willow leaves reduces imperfections. The pores are visibly pinched and the skin tone is evened out. The mask’s main ingredient is sea algae which is a natural concentrate of mineral compounds, vitamins, enzymes, and trace elements, and other vital substances essential to retain your beauty. Relaxing with this mask is a real feast for your skin!


  • Contain easily absorbed iron, magnesium, valuable vitamins
  • Algae compresses, cleanses the skin of toxins, oxygenates, regenerates, improves color and smooths the surface of the epidermis
  • Stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin
  • They are perfectly tolerated, do not cause allergies and irritations
  • They work like a piston, introducing vitamins and nutrients into the deep layers of the skin, so it’s best to use your favorite serum or oil under the mask
  • The mask relaxes facial muscles, it’s really nice to wear

Deeply Moisturizing Day Cream

The Deeply Moisturizing Day cream is a dead sea product that contains magnesium and has anti allergenic properties, reliving the course of skin inflammations.The special formula provides deep and moreover long lasting moisturization. It improves skin density; recommended for extra dry and sensitive skin and furthermore, skin with dilated capillaries. Plus, it nourishes and protects against harmful external factors. The special formula provides deep and moreover long lasting moisturization. It improves skin density; recommended for extra dry and sensitive skin and furthermore, skin with dilated capillaries. Despite the multitude of ingredients it has a light formula and serves as a great make-up base. Completely free of toxins, it doesn’t contain paraffin. It is the perfect cream for the winter, with its intensive formula that’s a long lasting moisturizer.


  • Strengthens the skin’s structure
  • Helps the regeneration of epidermis
  • Hydration is improved through the strong assimilation to water
  • Soothes the skin
  • Nourishes and protects against harmful external factors
  • Hyaluronic acid and magnesium tie up the water in the skin
  • Olive oil gently nourishes and helps to heal minor injuries caused by excessive cold ● Vitamin B3 and lactic acid improve skin density by stimulating the production of ceramides, and moreover, the substances responsible for cell adherence


Set Includes: 4 items

Natural and Organic Ingredients


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